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THE PHILIPPINES: The most treasured resource is its people…


Filipinos place great importance on faith and education, influenced by its history of Spanish colonization and American occupation. Adult literacy rate in the Philippines is among the highest in the world. The official language used in both public and private schools is English, but tagalog is widely spoken.


The combination of a high value of education and the usage of English as the primary medium of instruction in the Philippines schools has resulted in a Filipino Labor Force equipped with competent technical skills and English proficiency. The Filipinos are also multi-culturaly sensitive professional with innately caring and service-oriented characters and highly adaptable  human resources.


Filipino give  high importance to establishing good personal relations with thier business contacts. They are trusting and friendly,and value affable but professional business relationship.

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SAPMARINE company located in NORTH of SPAIN was established by dynamic and innovative Chief Marine Engineer/Superintendent with more than 20 years onboard experience and 10 years shore managerial operation in shipping industry. SAPMARINE steered by professional and dominant bilingual staff that benefits reach beyond communications in English,Dutch,German, Spanish, Russian and Filipino to make things more easier. We used to deal and work with different nationalities of peoples. WE KNOW SHIPS DEMANDS…

Besides of human assets, we ensure to keep our activities backed up by fully computerized office equipped with the most modern technology and software which enabe us to work in shipping industry with the only purpose to offer cost effective, valuable and innovative solutions. We want to prosper and achieved real growth. YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR BUSSINESS…


Σ– To provide a fast and professional services to our customers all round the clock 365 days a year.

Σ– To refreshed our MARINERS to become more competitive, all deck officers, engine officers and Ratings are  to undergo computer IN-HOUSE training and practical trade test before finally hired.

Σ– Sapmarine, believed that healthy right person to the right job to achieved HAPPY SHIPS by good communications and understanding whatever nationalities and culture.

Σ– Sapmarine operate, manned and provide a quality assured ships management to ship owners in accordance with owners policy.


ρ– Build expertise to reach the highest standard quality in Technical skills as now a days in shortage of Deck and Engine Engineers fitters for ships daily maintenance.


ρ– To deliver the right work force for tomorrow’s goal and  monitor progress and response to changes in every circumstances.

ρ — To gain costumers respect in quality of professionalism, Reality, Creativity and Innovation.

ρ– To analysis ashore and onboard workforce to ensure the company are completely  prepared to meet the current and future demands.


λ — SAPMARINE is committed to implement harmony and disipline to our mariners to the best workforce result onboard 

λ — SAPMARINE is committed to overcome current seafarers obstacle to optimize human resources onboard and future supply of highly qualified and competent mariners to man the ships of the future.

λ — SAPMARINE are committed the collaboration of Outstanding and Multiawarded State  College in the Philippines, the  WESTERN VISAYAS COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Selections  started HERE.

λ– SAPMARINE are committed in Partnership of (NN) Negros Navigation Co., the oldest and one of the biggest local Cargo and Passengers Shipping company in the Philippines. Envision to be the preferred provider of skilled and competent maritime, hospitality and culinary arts professionals.

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Ship Management

 Sapmarine Shipmanagement system are the newest knowledge base that is excusively and guaranteed to improve productivity and cost effective. Our main priority is to achieve technical excellence and effectiveness of our global services, with a strong focus on CREWING and TECHNICAL management, we strive to both meet and exceed the expectations of our clients through the plexibility of our approach and our absolute commitment  to providing individualy tailored services.

Our International Main Office located at north of Spain are a valuable resource and play key part in delivering what we have committed to our clients.


Crew Management

FILIPINO MARINERS, are best known globally in maritime industry, but at sapmarine we only maintain the best and rewarded candidates for the best result to our clients. Crew onboard is the forefront of all activities and the key to ship safety and smooth day-to-day operations. Therefore , SAPMARINE has given most important factors in hiring and crewing to manned the vessel, we fully aware that safeguarding these vessel’s and their owners interest requires the highly qualified and efficient utilization of the crew

SAPMARINE Crewing, was established on 2004 in Partnership with Philippines Shipping Agency to manned exclusively with our MPP managed Vessels, With our crew DATA BASE with excellent records  guarantee our new perspective in selection and screening of required seafarers.

SAPMARINE manning specialized in FILIPINO and SPANISH nationals for Master, Chief Engineers, Deck and Engine officers and Ratings for all types and tonnage of SHIPS.


Pre- Selection:

 We arrange, analyze  and clearly understand the JOB profile of the clients and the matching requisites of the candidates.

We arrange open house sessions to allow our principals to mingle with candidates and give them personal comments.

We start regid selection in schools of origin.


We conduct with utmost care and regid interviews to potential  candidates in general and technical, also in the presence of the clients if so required.

We conduct In-House Practical Trade Test to every individuals according to scope of works he applied onboard.

We send complete personal data to our PRICIPAL of every candidates for final selections and evaluation to ensure record data base completeness.

Medical examination is administered only by accredited medical clinic appointed and recommended by P&I club.