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Mechanical Spares Fabrications

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 Sapmarine Ship Supplier enable to supply  URGENT original spares parts or its equivalents of all types of Engines and Machineries. Special Hydraulic hoses on the “SPOT” request or as per sample can be made at your desire and we assured to deliver onboard before ship departure. We specialised in almost all types of SPARES PARTS fabrications and Electrical Rewindings. we find ways …


PROPELLERpiston m.e (3)YL. BLOCK DAMAGEAUX-2,T-2Dock no paint

Elec. t2BEARING CAP gears view Bush stern tube H.C roller (2) hyd pp test hyd. repairs new spare Stern tube new spares piston propeller new T2 engine



We fabricate spares according to your necesities in reasonable time of delivery…